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Photos will be sized to 4"x6" including an approx 0.20" border for sewing.



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** Plus any additional monogramming or embroidery not replacing an allocated photo.  Space and quantity limited.

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Thank you for your order.
We look forward to receiving your photographs and basic fabric color selections.
Please tell us when all photos have been uploaded or mailed.
After you tell us all photos have been sent, we will verify quality and size.  We will then number and display your photos.
Later, we will ask you to help us arrange the photos on your layout.
We will re-arrange the photos until you are happy.

We do not recommend cropping, sending square or odd sized photos.
Photos are best if they are in an approximate rectangular or  4" x 6" size with no important subject material touching the edges.
Your photos will be auto formatted into an approximate 4" x 6" size,
including a .20" white border for sewing.
If possible, submit photos that do not have subjects touching or very close to the edges.  Resizing of Square or Odd Size Photos, sometimes, results in the loss of some subject material close to the edges.

After receiving your basic fabric colors and well before starting your photo quilt, we will display a fabric selection, based on your color choices,  for you to see and approve.
Current Process
Receive your photographs
Receive your basic fabric color choices
Photo Layout  Not Confirmed
Fabric Selection  Updates Pending
Photograph enhancement and photo/fabric printing
Final design, measurement, fabric layout, cutting
Quality Check
Piecing and sewing photo quilt top
Display progress photos
Photo quilt back, batting and temp binding to quilt front
Quilting process
Cutting/sewing edge binding
Bind outer edge of photo quilt
Display progress photos
Quality check and prep for shipping
Ship finished photo quilt to you.
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Upload Photographs
View Photographs
View Layout
Select Fabric Colors
Fabric Display
How to Use Fabrics
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